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Meet Our CEO/NP

Violetta Markaryan


Welcome to VLine Beauty, where artistry meets expertise in the capable hands of Violetta Markaryan, RN. BSN. NP. As the driving force behind our clinic, Violetta brings a wealth of experience and a passion for beauty enhancement that goes beyond skin deep.

Violetta is not just a certified medical professional; she is a dedicated artist, sculpting and refining beauty with a meticulous touch. With a background in nursing and nurse practitioner expertise, she combines medical knowledge with an innate sense of aesthetics, ensuring that each client receives personalized care that enhances their unique features.

With years of experience in the ever-evolving field of medical aesthetics, Violetta stays ahead of the curve, continuously learning and incorporating the latest advancements into our repertoire of services. She is committed to creating a welcoming space at VLine Beauty, where clients can embark on their beauty journey with confidence, knowing they are in the hands of a skilled and caring practitioner.

Violetta’s vision for VLine Beauty is to redefine beauty standards through a combination of modern techniques, artistic flair, and a commitment to client well-being. Whether you’re seeking subtle enhancements or transformative changes, Violetta and the VLine Beauty team are here to guide you with expertise, warmth, and a genuine passion for bringing out the best in every individual.

Welcome to VLine Beauty, where Violetta Markaryan’s skillful hands and compassionate approach converge to make your beauty aspirations a reality. Explore our range of services and let us accompany you on a journey to rediscover and enhance your unique beauty at VLine Beauty.

Violetta Markaryan


Violetta is amazing! she is so knowledgeable and puts her heart into her work! she takes her time and makes sure everything is perfect. my lips look amazing. i drove over an hour to go see her and i would do it again! highly recommend you guys check her out!

Linda Almanasra

I give five stars not lightly! Violetta not only did a consultation while my kids were running around me via zoom, she was patient and kind until I could find a sitter for my appointment. She makes you feel so relaxed, and she is so unbelievably humble. The BEST part about Violetta is I have never had someone do a better job with my lips, Even with old scar tissue running through my upper lip. I drove two hours to see her and it’s worth every minute and every ounce of coordination to get a sitter for my children.

Emily Hunter

Violetta is absolutely amazing! I came in for lip fillers, and left with chin filler as well- and I’m so thankful I did! I’m so pleased with my results! I’ve gotten filler with other people before and Violetta is leaps and bounds better than any experience I’ve ever had. Thanks again!

Emily Brzakala